Declaration of Independence

Michal BelejDaša Krištofovičová

Declaration of Independence


The new SND building, The Blue Salon
12. 12. 2020

I tis 1929 and cigarettes are the symbol of feminist movement in the United States. Across the country women are taking up smoking. Yet, the public does not realise that the feminist protest is. In fact, a clever campaign staged by the tobacco industry aimed to increase revenues from cigarette sales. Declaration of Independence is a play inspired by the life of Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, and his wife Doris Fleischman. Edward decides to use his uncle’s findings to manipulate public pinion and therefore founds his PR agency. Doris, an active feminist, wants to free herself form the role of a housewife. She thus fights for her partner’s position in the company. Yet, when they receive an assignment to teach women to smoke, Edward and Doris launch strategic games that affect both the public opinion, and their marriage.

A number of spectators make the première night extra special – ladies especially like to make most of the event and shine in their finest gown or little black dress.

"We kindly ask our esteemed spectators to respect dress code: business casual."

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes, no interval

Production Team


Doris Fleischman Gabriela Dzuríková
Edward Bernays Andrej Šoltés (as a guest)